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French bulldog trying to teach baby to crawl

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I miss your soft lips. I miss your white sheets. I miss the scratch of your unshaved face on my cheek. And this is so hard.. cause I didn’t see that you were the love of my life and it kills me.

I see your face in strangers on the street. I still say your name when I’m talking in my sleep. And in the limelight, I play it off fine… But I can’t handle it when I turn off my night light.

1) Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
Single. And not looking. At all. I liked having somebody to care for. Or to think about. Being single can be great and sometimes I flaunt it, but being alone sucks.

2) Where you’d like to be in 10 years.
Stable job in the suburbs. Planning on building my own home, hopefully in love, and financially stable to start my life.

3) Your views on drugs and alcohol.
Hard drugs? I’m not about that life. Alcohol and weed? I don’t care if you don’t use it to abuse it.

4) Your views on religion.
I’m a Christian, and God is everything in my life. I don’t mind if people have other beliefs, bur I couldn’t be with anybody who didn’t believe in God.

5) Write about the last person who slept in your bed.
He has the same interests as me. Same views, same taste in music, same morals. His smile is beautiful. His eyelashes are unreal. He’s obsessed with the Miami Heat. And his kisses left me literally on a high. Okay, I could talk about him for days. I miss him.

6) Write 10 interesting facts about yourself.
1. Raw salmon is my favorite food.
2. I love to go to sporting events.
3. My second toes are longer than my big toe.
4. I walk around and sleep with my socks half-way on.
5. I have a freckle on my upper lip.
6. I have over 15 pairs of boots.
7. I have a gap in between my two front teeth because my baby tooth came out and was never supposed to grow back apparently. So… that’s cool.
8. I never drink pop unless I’m craving sprite, ginger ale, or root beer. I hate A&W or Mug. Ewww!
9. I love big doggies.
10. I am obsessed with the paranormal. But I would neverrrrr interact with the supernatural myself.

7) Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.
I’m a Leo. So.

8) A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.
Probably 8th grade.

9) How you hope your future will be like.
Long story short, I want to graduate college. Build a cozy, open home. Get married. Have little boys :) Own a cabin. Travel. Live happy.

10) Discuss your first love and first kiss.
I’ve never been in love. The first guy that I fell for.. well, I didn’t realize I fell for him until it was over. And my first kiss? Hahahahhaahhaahhaaha! Uh. Hahahahhaha. Oh high school..

11) Put your ipod on shuffle and write the first song that popped up.
I did it on my phone and Dance (Ass) by Big Sean came up. Typical.

12) Bullet your whole day.
Woke up, babysat Reg, Cub Foods.


I seriously forget that Tumblr is even around anymore because I’m never on it. I need to post something? Twitter. Need to show someone a picture? Instagram. I don’t even use Facebook stuff… I don’t even think people go on Tumblr anymore, actually. So….. It’s 1:50 in the morning and I am so bored, so what do I wanna do? Type and talk about my summer because I’ll probably look back at this and think, “Yeah. I did have a really boring summer.”

June? Nothing. It was filled with grad parties and more grad parties, which I actually miss because I saw people every single weekend and it was the best of times.. 

July? It consisted of me going to the lake every single day, getting the darkest I have ever gotten (I look part black), cliff jumping, going to California, and celebrating my 18th birthday. Cali was mostly to see my family, so that was super chill. My 18th birthday was also chill. Spent it having dinner at Maynards in Excelsior, then spending a night in a hotel in downtown Minneapolis. 

August? Well… Nothing. There we go. Friends are leaving already to college soon and I’m here packing all my stuff, ready to go. I’m ready to get out of here and enjoy something new, but I haven’t decided what yet. Next thing I know is I’m going to have class and my entire summer will be over.

The upside: Fall and winter is coming, which means hockey and basketball season! So ready to watch the Wild play this season. Parise and Suter are definitely going to help, but I’m more excited for the team in 3-4 years…. So many great rookies. Mmph.

Yeah, I must be bored if I’m actually blogging.

Hey again….

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:) Lovin that Landeskoggin’ pic on the bottom right.

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A LONG time. Haven’t been on Tumblr all summer.
And I don’t plan on coming back on for a while…. Hah

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I am the world’s worst….

But the damn thing shouldn’t have ran out….

RIP Bunny

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